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Magic Tricks and Rolling Stone

by EdTang & The Chops

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Ladies and Germs... EdTing & The Chips!
Fish Fry 02:58
My oh my, we've got some pretty big fish to fry, We've got some pretty big fish to fry, my oh my. My oh my, we've got some pretty big fish to fry, We've got some pretty big fish to fry, my oh my. Last weekend I barely made it out alive I told myself I'd take some time and give sober a try But that was a lie My oh my My oh my, we've got some mighty big fish to fry, We've got some mighty big fish to fry, my oh my. My oh my, we've got some mighty big fish to fry, We've got some mighty big fish to fry, my oh my. I can feel my senses fading fast from every corner of my mind The last thought I caught I thought I might not make it out this time I might go blind My oh my My oh my, we've got some pretty big fish to fry, We've got some pretty big fish to fry, my oh my. My oh my, we've got some pretty big fish to fry, We've got some pretty big fish to fry, my oh my. The morning comes like venom God I wish that I had died But by evening I am fiending for another whiskey rye And I don't know why My oh My
The day I turned 16 I bought a tank of gasoline and I hit the road. A Karauac’s skeleton key, adventures that were calling to me, man I had to go. You were all alone, duffle bag in tow. A similar soul, from long ago We headed south on 95, your heavy foot and my eagle eye, we didn’t pay no tolls. Set cruise on the centerline, the Fillmore West in 69, freewheeling and stoned. As wheels did roll, my heart was stole, no longer alone. My heart took control. As ever is so… on the road You were a rebel with a punk attitude, day dreaming about your next tattoo, impulsive and bold. You were wild with a hole in your sleeve, a raconteur with a story to weave, misquoting Rousseau. Yeah, that’s all we know. How time moves slow… until you get old. Then time turns to gold. As ever is so…. On the road Now instead of wheels we ride a rocking chair, and sit and bitch about our Medicare while I drink and you sow. Lost in thoughts about our younger days when a dream could set the world ablaze, and we could pick up and go. Now all we know is that time moves slow, until you get old. Then time turns to gold As ever is so, on the road.
You were a good soul and you left too soon. You were the one who taught me what it meant to be cool Now you’re gone but you’re not forgotten. You’ll live on through me You played me all those indie bands. Taught me what compassion meant and how to understand. You showed me magic tricks and rolling stone. And that when you’re hearts with family you’ll never be alone Now you’ll never be alone. The books you read, you passed on to me And they shaped my mind and the man I’ve come to be Then you got sick and your health started to fail Now every night I ask myself why I wasn’t there I should have been there by your bedside You’d order Jamieson Whiskey Now every toast I raise mentions your name. This one’s for Bob... You were a good soul and you left too soon. You were the one who taught me what it meant to be cool Now you’re gone but you’re not forgotten. You’ll live on through me
I woke up at dawn with a pride-swallowing siege Over the dad of the daughter that I married. Oh those things that he said, man, I could not believe, So I stabbed him with an ice pick in his sleep They found him in the house he occupied all alone After the Mrs. had passed away. And the detective at the door said, “Dad’s three days dead, And we’re looking for a motive in the murder”. The next three days felt like three decades Amounting to my thirty years. But the worst of my fears was not my wife’s tears, Then materializing with a knock at the door. A neighbor had seen me leaving the scene, That night three evenings ago, And my boot print had frozen a path straight from his door, As I walked away that night in the snow. I then thought about his tombstone and the dates that they’d engrave And how I defined the line between them And If my life could still be saved I packed my bag, It was time for me to go. The road was calling out my name. And if I stayed to face my fate, there’d be no one I could blame And they’d separate my body from my soul. I then pictured my own tombstone and how death tolls a souls decay And of the fire of the brimstone And how all bright lights seem to fade They tracked me out to the desert. A cruiser threw dirt in the air. I reached for my hardware... Oh no, all the silver and gold couldn’t buy me time or save my festered soul Hey Hey, but what’s life anyway, if not a steady and destined march to the grave.
Aloha Honey! 01:04
You're loco, my baby You drive me so crazy I bought a one way ticket to the island of Hawaii But once there I found this to be true: That paradise just ain't that nice without you Hula Hula Hula girl, wahines by the pool, They shake around and make me wile out like a fool It might seem nice but it just ain't right without you No it just ain't nice here in paradise without you
It was 1995, a good year to be a live, Jenny was in high school it was her freshman year, She was young and immature, and still she wasn’t sure, If she truly liked boys or was just fitting in. But Johnny thought she was the one, man he swore he was in love, He tried to ask her out so many countless times. But she always would deny, and wouldn’t give John a try, She was having silly thoughts about kissing girls. Then in 2003, with an undergrad degree, Jenny left the closet and said she found herself. She made plans to become man, moved in with her friend Diane, Marched in a few parades and grew her leg hair out. The hormone pills came next, to flatten out her chest, She grew a black mustache and changed her name to Bob. And soon her parents could not recall what sex child they’d had at all, She was a studly handsome man, she looked like Orlando Bloom You’d have to put them both in the same room, For you to notice, For you to care, You’d have to open up your eyes to see, That love follows catastrophe, And your heart, that’s prone to atrophy, Just like any muscle if you don’t use it Then in 2010 their paths both crossed again, Johnny swore to Bob that he knew him from somewhere. It took him a moment to think, then his eyes gave a wild blink, As he said, “SWEET GOD JENNY, IS THAT REALLY YOU”?!! The hormone pills came next, John grew out to small breasts, And he tried the smokey eye trick and bought a lovely dress. He then changed his name to Gwen and asked Bob out again. And the two felt so deeply and madly in love.
Hey bus driver, keep the change, bless your children, give them names Don't trust men who walk with canes Drink this and you'll grow wings on your feet Broadway Mary, Joan Fontaine, advertiser on a downtown train Oh, Christmas crier bustin' cane, he's in love again Where dock worker's dreams mix with panther's schemes to someday own the rodeo Tainted women in VistaVision perform for out-of-state kids at the late show Wizard imps and sweat sock pimps, interstellar mongrel nymphs Rex said that lady left him limp Love's like that It sure is Queen of Diamonds, Ace of Spades, newly discovered lovers of the Everglades They take a full page ad out in the trades to announce their arrival And Mary Lou, she found out how to cope, she rides to heaven on a gyroscope The Daily News asks her for the dope She says, "Man, the dope's that there's still hope" Senorita, Spanish rose, wipes her eyes and blows her nose Uptown in Harlem she throws a rose to some lucky young matador
Baby what did I do now? I see you pacing back and forth and your silence always chills me to the bone. I search my memory but I can’t seem to see why you’re making me feel so alone. But way deep down inside, I think that I might know. My hearts darkest lie, locked up in my soul. Darling would you stop your frantic cleaning? Sit down at this table and tell me what’s been on your mind. It hurts me when your teardrops are the reason that you cannot stop to look me in the eye. But I can’t say I’m not nervous, afraid of what you’ll find. My souls darkest secret locked up deep inside. Darling what do you want to hear? Cause I’d tell you anything just to cover up these feelings I feel. Confession is a cure all and although my sins may be small, I know these words won’t heal. Subconscious assaults the surface, afflicting all that’s real. False reason that my conscious no longer can conceal. Darling where do we go now?
The Chops 02:53
All our friends have all moved on But we got this band and we got these songs And we’ve got this feeling like it’s the last shot we’ll ever take I hope it’s not too late Now you can take it, take it, take it, take it all by yourself Front like you can run it, don’t need anyone else But a dreamers only dreaming without some help off the shelf Come on, we can make it together Cause there’s a fire burning deep down inside And it’s that fire that keeps us alive It’s that desire in our hearts that will never surrender So brother if you’re taking a drive I got my seat saved on your passenger side And if we run into some trouble it will be just fine Cause this band is a bond forever Now you take it, take it, take it, take it for all that it’s worth This flame has been burning in our bellies since birth And if you block up the way, boy you’re bound to get hurt Come on, we could do so much better We were kids with a couple of chords Notebook paper with some words in a drawer Spilling our guts on the floor: I want to be remembered Now we take it, take it, take it leaving nothing behind We owe it to the moment; this omen’s clear and defined Together we stand, divided we die Singing songs off our favorite records


The Chops's posthumous new album, 'Magic Tricks and Rolling Stone', is a storyteller's effort. The characters in the songs are instruments, played to convey universal sentiments and entertain. A runaway, a murderer, a transgender love reversal, and a sentence of solitary domestic confinement, come together to make 'Magic Tricks and Rolling Stone' a compelling allegorical indulgence.

Magic Tricks and Rolling Stone
1. An Introduction
2. Fish Fry
3. Kerouac's Curse
4. Magic Tricks & Rolling Stone
5. The 7 Stages of Murder
6. Aloha Honey!
7. Orlando Bloom
8. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
9. A Consequence of Conscience
10. The Chops


released July 18, 2016

The Chops are:
Brad Harrison
Ed Tang
Geoffrey Myers
Nick Bock
Vic Fraternale

With Special Guests: Alyssa Kern, Conor Quigley, Danny Windas, Kelsey Windas, Kevin Mahoney, Paul Ritchie, and Rob Blake

All songs Composed and Arranged by The Chops
All songs written by EdTang
Except “Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street” by Bruce Springsteen*
(*mechanical license on file)
All songs published ©℗2016 EdTangMusic
Produced by Paul Ritchie
Engineered by Paul Ritchie at Insidious Sound, Neptune, NJ
Vocals on “Magic Tricks & Rolling Stone” Recorded with Ben Rosett at Spirit Vision Studios, Carmel, CA
Mastering by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY
Layout and Design by Krystal Ritenour
Cover & CD Art by Ryan McGrath
Tray Photo by Matt Catalano
Inside Bi-Fold Photo By Kevin Mahoney

Website: www.edtangmusic.com
Booking/info: edtangmusic@gmail.com

A very special THANK YOU to the EXTENDED Bock, Fraternale, Harrison, Myers and Windas families especially Alyssa, Laura, Mollie, Molly, Sarah, Eden and Mae. THANK YOU to Chuck Heaney, Chris Brown, Craig Manning, Cynthia Tedesco, Dark City Entertainment, Dogwig Printing, Franny Thomas, Gary Wein, Jeff Raspe, Jim Testa, John Pfeiffer, Jay Hernandez, Kevin Mahoney, Lazlo, Marcel Hidalgo, Musicians on a Mission, Nikki Black, Patrick Hickey Jr, Paul Ritchie, Pete Marcketta, Peter Mantas, Peter Myers, Phil Rainon, Rich Russo, Rob Blake, Rob Grieb, Ron Williams, Sandrine Desiderio, Scott Brash, Scott Stamper, Sean Bernhardt, SIMGE, Tim Whale, Vin Scelsa, and to all the DJ’s, booking agents, bloggers, columnists, photographers, and bartenders who have supported us along the way. THANK YOU to all the bands and artists we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with. Your names are too many to list and your inspiration too titanic to quantify. And most importantly, above all else, THANK YOU to the fans of the music… those of you who come to our shows, support our albums, and encourage us every step of the way. This collection of songs is for you. We can never thank you enough. With all our hearts… love, The Chops.


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EdTang Asbury Park, New Jersey

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